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Call for applications to RAPDASA grants
The Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa (RAPDASA) will make grants available to deserving students at Traditional Universities as well as Universities of Technology for 2018. The aim of this grant is to promote research in the field of Rapid Product Development in the country.

The grants shall be awarded to post graduate students based on merit on a competitive basis. The eligibility criteria* are as follows:
Qualification Minimum Requirements
Masters, 65% (average) in Bachelors degree achieved
Doctorate, 65% in Masters degree achieved
*meeting the eligibility criteria alone does not guarantee the award of the grant

In addition to post graduate students, the grant can also be awarded to students that need to perform a bridging course to allow the students entrance into a post-graduate course where a research project in line with rapid product development may be pursued.

Terms of Grants
Successful candidates will be awarded a once-off grant of R10 000 (up to a maximum of five students per year). The grant may be used as contribution to the student’s tuition fees, project costs or living expenses. It will be expected of successful post-graduate candidates to present results of their research at the annual RAPDASA conference.

Application procedure
Applicants to the grant need to submit an overview of no more than 2500 words on their planned research to RAPDASA. The proposal should include the following:
 Title
 Literature review
 Problem statement
 Hypothesis
 Aim of the study
 Methodology
 Time frame
The proposal should be accompanied by a certified score sheet from the student’s university of marks for previous qualifications (bachelors or
masters). In addition to this a motivation of no more than 500 words stating why the student believes his/her research should be supported, should be included in the application. Applications have to be submitted to Maritha Theron at mtheron@csir.co.za

Important dates
Call opens 15 June
Call closes 18 August
Awarding of grants 15 October

Selection Criteria and procedure
Applications will be evaluated by an evaluation committee selected from the existing RAPDASA management committee. This committee will consist of three members representing different institutions. The evaluation committee will meet after the call closing date to discuss applications received and to select the applications most deserving of support. Only applications of a high enough standard will be considered for the grants.

Any enquiries relating to the RAPDASA grant call can be forwarded to Jenny van Rensburg at jvrens01@gmail.com