Management Commitee

Management Commitee2018-05-29T12:50:55+00:00

The RAPDASA management commitee serves the industry that allows you to do 3D printing of objects directly from your CAD design and is selected annually at the AGM.

Thorsten Becker

Stellenbosch University (Chairperson)

David Bullock

Rapid 3D 

Pauline Bullock

Rapid 3D

Didier Nyembwe

University of Johannesburg


Gideon Potgieter

Resolution Circle (Pty) Ltd

André van der Merwe

Stellenbosch University

Malan van Tonder

Vaal University of Technology

Ian van Zyl

Central University of Technology

Marius Vermeulen

Aerosud Innovation Centre

Jenny van Rensburg

Central University of Technology

Devon Hagedorn-Hansen

Stellenbosch University


CUT: Central University of Technology
NWU: North West University
SU: Stellenbosch University
VUT: Vaal University of Technology
CSIR: Council of Scientific & Industrial Research